Friday, November 13, 2015


Hi folks!

It's been a busy Fall semester here at XU (so--nothing new!), but I wanted to give you all a heads-up on some of the cool new items featured in our vending machine!

First up, we have an awesome brochure entitled The History and Effects of I-71 & I-75, produced through the collective efforts of Xavier University Future of Justice students from Spring 2015. Check out their cool community engaged project work, which draws from archival research, interviews with community members, and philosophical study.

There's also been some additional work added to the vending machine from our own university professors--check out the chapbooks now on display written by English department faculty member (and amazing poet) Tyrone Williams!

XU's very own Art Society has been hard at work at producing a collectively-created print zine based on the work of Mark Mothersbaugh. A retrospective of Mothersbaugh's work is now on display at Cincinnati's Contemporary Arts Center; the Art Society's zine, entitled "Mark Mothersbaugh Print Zine," gives this show a run for it's money. But this is a limited edition product: only 5 zines were made! Come purchase yours soon!

Finally, in response to a recent E/RS lecture series event on campus, Ross Gay's talk and poetry reading of October 29th, the students of ENGL 121 Studies in Poetry have been hard at work creating their own books of inspiration. Gay's most recent collection of poetry, Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude, has been shortlisted for a National Book Award; check out his book, and then check out your classmates' own "Catalogs of Unabashed Gratitude" that they've created for you. It's easy to get bogged down in all the work and stress of the end of the year: let them help you to take some time to stop, relax, and appreciate all the awesomeness that surrounds us on a daily basis!

a few of the MANY individual catalogues--all unique!--made by ENGL 121 on the lookout for the awesome handicrafts from newly formed Xavier University crochet club In The Loop: they've made some mini amigurumi figures that will be placed for vending in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, though, check out the club's website, if you would like to join in and get crafty with them!

Till soon--keep creating!

Dr. R