Tuesday, March 3, 2015

So you said something about providing supplies/materials.....?

Are you interested in doing something for the book/art vending machine but in need of supplies/materials in order to do so? No worries--we've got you (at least somewhat) covered!

Supplies I can currently provide:

One of the very coolest things (in my mind) about zines is that they have always been low-tech, DIY affairs, meant for production and distribution on the cheap. If you are interested in making a zine, you don't need anything more fancy than a piece of paper! I am happy to help teach you an easy way to fold an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper into a mini-booklet zine; alternatively, you can follow these online instructions or snag a free copy, from our Book/Art Vending Machine, of "A Book--On How to Make--A Book" (coming very soon!). You can pick up paper from me to use to print copies of any zines you'd like to produce.

If you're interested in creating visual/art objects, particularly with paint, canvas is a cool tool. I have both black and white canvases, in several dimensions, available; please stop by and collect one or two if you're interested in doing this kind of work for the vending machine.

 If you're interested in white canvas panels, I have several options: 5x7 in., 4x4 in., 3x3 in., and 2x2 in. Each are medium texture surfaces of archival, acid-free quality and are titanium acrylic gesso primed.

The black canvas panels are a tad more limited in size: these I only have in 4x4 in., 3x3 in., and 2x2 in. dimensions. Like the white canvases, each are medium texture surfaces of archival, acid-free quality and are titanium acrylic gesso primed.

Artist Tiles

If you incline toward drawing, charcoals, or the like, I have some artist titles (4x4 in. sheets) in two different textures: vellum surface tiles and cold press watercolor tiles. Acid free.

If there are other kinds of supplies that you'd like to have made available for your vending machine item creation needs, don't hesitate to let me (Dr. Renzi) know; I'll see what I can do to supply them for you! As the project moves forward, look for more information (blog entries and supply wise) for bookbinding you might use for artist books and/or other kinds of more intricate book and/or object creation projects!

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